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ChemMultimodal – a project on logistics in the chemical industry and the use of multimodal transport. The second ChemMultimodal national meeting at the SpeedCHAIN conference presented current conclusions and activities. Within the project, an intermodal planner of ideal routes is being prepared with regard to the requirements for warehousing, safety, and security.

Representatives of chemical companies are currently holding bilateral talks with selected major logistics operators in the Czech Republic so that their requirements and proposals can be used in existing logistics information systems as well as in the newly created project planner.

Already now, it is possible to specify requirements of the carriers, possibility of adding terminal information, such as restrictions on routes, restrictions on storage or handling chemicals and containers, availability of cleaning facilities, adding of hazard class.

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic prepares and carries out support of intermodal transport within the calls from the Operational Programme Transport, e.g. building and modernization of transhipment points for combined transport or acquiring transport containers.

The Ústí Region participates already in the third project involved in chemical logistics industry from the basic raw materials to consumer packaging (ChemLog, ChemLog T&T, now ChemMultimodal) supported by the European Funds. The projects are aimed not only at improving competitive ability of the Czech chemical production, but they place the same importance to the transport safety, prevention of the potential transport accidents and their efficient disposal with regard to health and life of people and the environment. The partners are representatives from the Central European countries. The Czech Republic is represented, besides the Ústí Region, also by the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic.

The ChemMultimodal project aims at the combined transport issues, the growth of combined transport share and modal shift from road to rail or river. Its goal is, for example, to support the number of container trains and the equipment of corridors for the transport of dangerous goods or new transhipment systems and terminal operation for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is the container transport what was chosen by the previous projects and their thorough analysis as the only promising transport mode for chemistry. Ústí Region is naturally close to these issues. In this region, major chemical plants are located, it is interwoven with the railway and road network and the Elbe River, and the all transport type transit routes of European importance run through it.

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